Music and Motivation for the 2010 Virgin London Marathon delivered by AudioFuel Running Music
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Liz McColgan
“Competing successfully in any sporting event is as much about the mind as the body. I use music with different tempos to help me train - it's easy to get into the beat and it helps you relax more at speed.

Here you'll find music and information to help you maintain a positive mental attitude as you train.”

Liz McColgan, London Marathon Winner
Sennheiser PMX 680
Remember the magic Olympic moments...
Liz McColgan
"Thank You London"
A Tribute to Team GB
Remember the joy, the tears.
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Sennheiser are giving away a specially composed 15 minute running track: "Thru the Gears". Starting with light stretching, the track takes to you up to a 170 BPM sprint.
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If your long run batteries need motivation these sessions get you to a 2 hour long run in ten weeks. Three intensities, choose the one for your stride and fitness level.
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AudioFuel Long Runs
Get inspiration and coaching from four time World Ironman champion Chrissie Wellington.
Chrissie's Run Faster series will push up your pace and improve your race time. Chrissie runs a 2:44 marathon.

After a 3.8k swim & 180k ride.
Rough Guide
Find out more about the music custom written for running.

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Did you know... AudioFuel is composed to synchronise your feet to the beat of the music.

AudioFuel comes with coaching to help keep you motivated and to run with good form.
262 Seconds: Motivation from Liz Yelling
Double Olympian Marathon runner Liz talks about she motivates herself to train, offers motivation tips, talks about how she uses music in training, and shares her marathon race day breakfast.
Jackson Runs London Barefoot
Watch a short video of the 2010 Virgin London Marathon. The video includes footage of Jackson Williams who ran that one barefoot for UNICEF. Nutter.