Music and Motivation for the 2010 Virgin London Marathon delivered by AudioFuel Running Music
Professor Motivation
Five tips to train your mind
As well as working with athletes at Olympic and World championship level, Andy has authored two books, written numerous articles in specialist magazines such as Peak Performance and given over 150 conference presentations.  

Here are his five pearls of wisdom about how to get into great shape for marathon running. Andy's marathon PB is 3:09, he's clever and quick.
Sennheiser PMX 680
Andy on brain training
1. Running Music. Like a legal way of cheating...
(48 seconds)
2. Build mental as well as physical strength...
(53 seconds)
3. How anxiety can become motivational...
(43 seconds)
4. If / Then planning...
(30 seconds)
5. Preparation and systems to build mental strength...
(50 seconds)
Andy on the research with Runners World
Findings from an independent academic study conducted, as part of a government funded research project called EROS (, shows that AudioFuel was an extremely effective intervention in improving runners performance.