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Charlie Spedding's Playlist
London Marathon Winner 1984. Time: 2:09:57
Charlie Spedding
In addition to winning the London Marathon in 1984, Charlie won bronze for Great Britain in the marathon at the 1984 Summer Olympics in LA and came 6th in the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea.

His recently published book, From Last to First, is a fascinating account of his running career starting from childhood where his academic and sporting abilities were held in very low esteem, to a world class athlete.
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Charlie's Playlist
This Hard Land
Greatest Hits
Bruce Springsteen
Call Me The Breeze
The Very Best of JJ Cale
JJ Cale
Running Down A Dream
Full Moon Fever
Tom Petty
Don't Come Home Too Soon
Hatfull Of Rain
Del Amitri
Essential Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan
Looking Into You
Jackson Browne
Jackson Browne
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About his own playlist Charlie says:

Track 1.  This Hard Land  -  Bruce Springsteen
I avoided the temptation to pick Born To Run. Springsteen has lots of songs about the struggle to do better  against the odds, which are all great motivation for runners. I just happen to like this one.

Track 2.  Call me the breeze  -  JJ Cale
The chorus to this song is "They call me the breeze, I keep blowing down the road." During good runs on good days I felt like I was blowing down the road.

Track 3.  Running down a dream  -  Tom Petty
I had to have a song with running and the pursuit of dreams in the title.

Track 4.  Don't come home too soon  -  Del Amitri
I find it easy to ignore the fact that this song is about the Scotland football team going to the World Cup, and I concentrate on the line "even long shots make it".

Track 5.  Dignity  -  Bob Dylan
I doubt if there are many Dylan tracks on most people's list of motivational songs, but this one is about the search for dignity and I have always felt that there is great dignity in the completion of a hard task by dint of supreme effort - like running a marathon.

Track 6. Looking into you  -  Jackson Browne
This is entirely personal nostalgia. It reminds me of when I quit my job and moved to Boston, USA, in pursuit of my running dreams. I moved into a house with Anne Parker, her demented dog, and a vegan called Sheila who was in the depths of an unrequited love affair with Jackson Browne. Well, she had all his records.

Best wishes, Charlie Spedding