Music and Motivation for the 2010 Virgin London Marathon delivered by AudioFuel Running Music
Athlete Playlists
Run to the same music as the gold medalists
Celebrity Playlists
We asked previous British London Marathon winners and world class athletes to tell us about the music they use. As well as listening to music for recovery runs, to increase pace, or slow them down, they also use music to relax before an event and to assist with stretching out.

You can see the playlists here and click through to listen and buy them as iMixes from the iTunes store.
Sennheiser PMX 680
Liz McColgan's Playlists
London Marathon Winner 1996. Time: 2:27:54
Liz McColgan
Liz McColgan
Charlie Spedding's Playlist
London Marathon Winner 1984. Time: 2:09:57
Charlie Spedding
Charlie Spedding
Liz Yelling's Playlist
Bronze Medalist 2006, Olympic Marathon 2:32:18
Liz Yelling
Liz Yelling
Véronique Marot's Playlist
London Marathon Winner 1989. Time: 2:25:56
Véronique Marot
Leon Taylor's Playlist
Silver Medalist, 2004, Olympic diving events
Leon Taylor
Leon Taylor Playlist
Iwan Thomas' Playlist
Gold Medalist, 1996, Olympic 4 x 400 Relay
Iwan Thomas
Iwan Thomas Playlist
David Bedford's Playlist
Virgin London Marathon Race Director
David Bedford
David Bedford