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Veronique Marots's Playlist
London Marathon Winner 1989
Veronique Marot
After becoming a British Citizen in 1983 Veronique won the 1989 London Marathon in 2:25:56.

This record time stood for 13 years until Paula Radcliffe’s win in 2002. She remains third on the UK all-time rankings.

She is also triple winner of the Houston Marathon (1986, 1989, 1991), double winner of the National 10 Mile Championship (1984 &1985) and Around the Bay Road Race in Ontario where she set and still holds the 30km British Best. Selected but injured for the 1988 Olympic Games, she finished 16th in the 1992 Olympic marathon.
Sennheiser PMX 680
Veronique's Playlist
Let Down
OK Computer
How Soon is Now
The Sound of the Smiths
The Smiths
Demon Days
Hammer to Fall
The Works
Dragonaut (Explicit)
Sleep's Holy Mountain
Magic Johnson (Explicit)
Mother's Milk
Red Hot Chili Peppers
All Apologies
Any Colour You Like
Dark Side of the Moon
Pink Floyd
Holy Mountain (Explicit)
Sleep's Holy Mountain
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About her own playlist Veronique says:

Track 1.  Radiohead - Let Down
A happy feelgood song to listen to on the way to a race or hard session

Track 2.  The Smiths - How soon is now
A nice relaxing song during a massage or stretching post effort

Track 3.  Gorillaz - Dare
A fast moving number to do while cross training on bike or ski machine

Track 4.  Queen - Hammer to fall
A good motivating one pre race or pre session or during warm up

Track 5.  Sleep - Dragonaut
A song to whizz around to

Track 6. Red Hot Chilly Peppers - Magic Johnson
a fun song to run through the forest with

Track 7.  Nirvana - All apologies
A winding down song, slow and reflective

Track 8.  Pink Floyd - Any colour you like   
Another pre race motivating number or post race celebration!

Track 9. Sleep -   Holy Mountain
For those long steady runs - keeping your mind off the pain